The site is located in close proximity to Chipping Sodbury Town Centre and Waitrose being within 800m and 900m walking distance respectively. This provides a range of key shopping facilities and services such as banks, Chipping Sodbury Library, a variety of restaurants, estate agents, shops, cafes, pharmacy, and convenience stores.

National Guidance on the subject of accessibility aims to provide development within an 800m walking distance as ideal (approximately 10 minutes' walking time), and up to 2km (approximately 20 - 25 minutes' walking time) as a maximum. It can be seen that the site lies around the 800m ideal walking distance. This is considered to be highly accessible in terms of national planning policy.

Highways and Access

Vehicular access into the site is to be provided by widening the first 50m of Trinity Lane to 5.5m to accommodate a two-way working road. An internal road network will then be constructed to an adoptable standard within the site and the entrance will be via Trinity Lane at a 90-degree angle.

Pedestrian and cyclist access will be accommodated within the site and via the widened section of Trinity Lane. A direct access through the existing hedgerow on the site's southern boundary to the adjacent bus stop will also be provided if possible.

We have been made aware by local councillors that Trinity Lane, being narrow in width, can become congested when cars approach one another. This can be exacerbated during times when the golf club is holding functions and events. In order to address this issue, two new passing spaces will be provided in the existing accesses into the site, further north from the proposed widening of Trinity Lane.

A Transport Statement will be submitted in support of the planning application and the scope of this has been discussed and agreed with highways officers at South Gloucestershire Council. This will consider the potential impact of the development on the wider highway network.

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