Development Benefits

The benefits of the development can be summarised as follows:

  • It will deliver 60 much needed dwellings which will include 21 affordable dwellings, either provided as low cost sale or affordable rented units;
  • It will locate new residents within easy walking distance of everyday facilities thereby reducing reliance on the private motor car;
  • The site lies directly adjacent to a bus stop offering easy access to the public transport network for those that want to use it;
  • It will utilise land that is previously developed/brownfield in nature;
  • An extensive network of public open space will be provided which will be in excess of that required by adopted planning policy - the size of which will lend itself to creating a trim trail, children's play area or other outdoor facility that will be of use to the wider community;
  • It will improve the local road and footpath infrastructure including Trinity Lane in terms of its width, and provide passing spaces to allow opposing traffic flows to pass each other more easily; and
  • It will provide financial contributions towards the town's social and educational infrastructure through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). We expect the CIL figure for this development to be between £350-450,000. It is anticipated that 15% of these monies will be directed to the Town Council.

Improving Local Infrastructure

The regulations require CIL funds to be spent on the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of 'infrastructure'.

Infrastructure is defined in the Planning Act 2008, as including:

  1. roads and other transport facilities,
  2. flood defences,
  3. schools and other educational facilities,
  4. medical facilities,
  5. sporting and recreational facilities, and
  6. open spaces.

It is anticipated that the primary beneficiaries of this funding will be local schools and local medical centres in Chipping Sodbury.

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