The Site

The site consists of 3.15 hectares (7.78 acres) of land situated to the east of Trinity Lane and to the north of St John's Way.

The site itself consists of two parcels of land. The northern parcel currently accommodates a contractor's yard with large scale storage buildings and hardstanding. This land is therefore considered to represent previously developed, or Brownfield land. To the south of this yard are a number of small paddocks delineated by electric fencing.

The whole of the site is bounded by mature hedgerows. Two existing access points onto Trinity Lane, which run along the western boundary of the site, currently provide vehicular access into the contractor's yard and paddocks separately.

A series of small allotments run along the eastern and northern boundaries of the site and beyond this lies common land that rises up in a north and north-easterly direction. To the north-west of the site lies Chipping Sodbury Golf Club which is accessed via Trinity Lane.

Development Influences

A number of influencing site features and factors were identified by the consultant team and architects when they assessed the site. The masterplan has therefore evolved to address these influences and has set a series of primary objectives, which are as follows:

  • Opportunity to improve the Trinity Lane junction;
  • The existing hedgerows on the site's boundaries screen the majority of the land from view and should be retained;
  • Additional passing bays could be incorporated to alleviate problems with traffic travelling to and from Chipping Sodbury Golf Club;
  • Significant public open space can be provided;
  • Development to the south of the site should positively front onto St John's Way to integrate with existing development;
  • Natural surveillance should be improved;
  • Links from the site can be made to the existing bus stop and a crossing point provided to make accessing the local bus service an attractive option for new residents;
  • A main access road can be provided in conjunction with secondary roads which could incorporate shared surfaces to provide traffic calming and influence the development's character;
  • Single storey development in the north of the site where the land is more open to public view; and
  • New drainage/ecological feature in the form of a pond.

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